Welcome to East Africa

This is the land of many surprise and it been known for both right and wrong reasons. Incidentally this is where the word safari comes from. There is more to safari than just being in the vehicle going for game drives while in the national parks. 

Comparatively, there are many activities that one can delve into while in East Africa. Furthermore it’s a big region comprising of different countries but whose borders are open to visitors. From Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania to Rwanda; the land is full of magnificent places to be.

A part from safari, you can interact with the local tribes and get to learn their daily way of life. The rich cultural background can not be marched anywhere else. Not to mention the Gorilla trekking, this by itself is an experience to behold because there is no other like it. 

Additionally there is mountain climbing which is for the more adventurous traveller and not the faint hearted. Get to the top of Africa by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and complete one of your bucket list. It’s a site for one to feast their eyes on.


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