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Giraffe Centre Tour
Giraffe Centre Tour

This is another place of interest that one need to visit to have a close encounter with the Rothschild giraffe which is an endangered species. It was started after discovering the sad plight of the Rothschild Giraffe. A subspecies of the giraffe found only in the grasslands of East Africa. READ MORE

Nairobi Railways Museum
Nairobi Railways Museum

The lunatic-express a term credited to author Charles Miller in his book, The Lunatic Express: An Entertainment in Imperialism as it was referred is one of the least or less often on top of a visitor’s list of all the relics and insignia and buildings

Karen Blixen Museum
Karen Blixen Museum

The Karen Blixen Museum is part of the national museums in Kenya that depicts the story of a Danish decedent author by the name Karen Blixen. In her honour here home was turned into a museum where visitors go learn about her story. READ MORE

The Elephant Orphanage
The Elephant Orphanage

The Elephant Orphanage as it’s popularly known helps save the lives of orphaned Elephants and Rhinos who are ultimately released back into the wild when they come of age. This is a very unique place for visitors especially those who do not have enough time to go for a safari. READ MORE

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Being in the industry for quite some years, we do understand our guests need fully like no other. Yes, we do know there are so many search engines that provide accommodation booking services but who knows Nairobi better than those who stay there and have experience. We will booking for you your accommodation as per your expectation.

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There are those that would just like to hire vehicles with the guide from us. Yes, we can provide this service at a reasonable fee. We do airport transfers by picking you from the airport to your hotel and vice versa. We also do provide transport services when it comes to Nairobi city tours or going for game drive at Nairobi national park.

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We provide FREE consultancy for you when it comes to advising you on the kind of safari you would like to take. We will give you the quote and let you know what is it that you need for your safari. As a guest your work is just to sit and relax to enjoy your safari once you have made your payment. There are different types of safaris depending on what your interest is. From beach holiday, mountain, cultural, wildlife, bird watching and list goes on.

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Ours it to give you the best of services when it comes to planning your Nairobi city tours, your Masai Mara safari or any other safari in both Kenya and Tanzania. Our safaris are geared towards giving you the best experiences when it comes to visiting most of our safari destinations. You can also delve into more adventurous activities like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya. Also beach holidays, from north coast Mombasa to Diani in the south coast, not forgetting the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar. Call us or Send us an email to request for a quote.

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